Patrique, welcome. If you go with tower speakers, go with the M60s. I'd also suggest that the M22s, when supported in the lowest bass by a good sub, would do an excellent job.

As to the center speaker, for really not that much more, the VP160 should be seriously considered. Or, at a lower cost, if you can place it, a vertical M22 makes a fine center.

Now, what I really want to bring to your attention is the receiver. The Onkyo 709 which your friend has is probably the unit that I've suggested the most over the past year or so, but the 717, which is supposedly its successor, has been significantly downgraded in a key area. The Audyssey MultEQ XT in the 709 has been downgraded two steps to the 2EQ, which doesn't equalize the subwoofer channel, for the low bass where correction is most needed. I'd suggest that the 717 be returned.

If a 709 can be found at a good price this would be a fine choice. If not, a Denon 2312, which is quite similar overall, should be considered.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.