It is sort of sad when I say this, but I have been almost exclusively plaing Minecraft Factions. Sort of a cross between Minecraft and something like "Civilizations" where you build up your area, defend it, work towards newer tech/items (OK, a higher level sword may not be "tech", but you can actually make things with electrical circuits), and then go and try to take over the world. Our "clan" has been at or near the top of the leaderboard on the server we play on for many weeks and to date only one other group has ever found us, but they were not able to get past our defenses. We aren't totaly ruthless though. We have allies too that we help out. Sure, we are basically funding smaler grunt "factions" to go be annoying to the other big ones, and then bring back intel such as their coordinates so that we can find them and raid them.

For some reason it is a lot of fun. Since each faction's stronghold is designed by them, they are all different and all requiring different ways to break in and raid them. So there is a lot of creative thinking required while in the "hot seat" while attacking. So many other variables and dimensions to the game.

The biggest problem is that it really requires DAILY participation to get/stay ahead. Our faction is decent sized, but not everyone plays every day (I certainly don't) but if we ever went a day with none of us playing, we would see ourselves start failing just due to missing out on even peaceful tasks (mining gold/diamonds for example).
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