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I don't quite follow you on this one... It sounds like you want to get the Bryston Model T's, and have some buyers remorse due to future products?

No, I was never in the market for the Model T. And there's no buyer's remorse at work. I'm satisfied with what the LFRs offer me over the M80s. I'm just saying that the improved transient response (if that's the term he was using) was a performance characteristic he was after, and if Axiom verifies an audible benefit to this design choice, I could see them incorporating a change in their own stock drivers. When these improvements accumulate into a new version number, it would simply be nice for owners of this generation to be able to more easily upgrade. I'd personally like to keep pace with Axiom's developments, so this is just me being greedy.

Not only a change in the voice coil and mass but also in the driver material. The guy from Bryston states the cone material is a combination of magnesium/aluminum. Those are significant changes.
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