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You just bought the speakers and are thinking of an upgrade already? I think you should have got the DSP with the center board.. that is an upgrade.

Four EP800s , that is nuts! I just don't get it, but Charles, you are one of a kind.

I'll probably get another DSP after I figure out what I'm doing for center channel(s). I'm still leaning toward two VP180s, but if I can fit an M80, I may still go with that. I should figure out the maximum screen size I could get away with. I know Axiom just came out with two new center channel options, but I was thinking it would be cool if they made a two-part center channel that was specifically designed to be mounted on the ceiling and floor above and below the screen. Of course this would primarily be for people with projectors.

Everyone kept saying four subs was pretty much the magic number, so I guess I just needed that second pair.