Great to see all the responses everyone.
cb919, thanks, I now have email notifications working.
My scenario can't use an M60 for centre, too big.
JohnK, sounds to me like a vp-160 is the way to go.
nickbuol, Boston Cherry, what kind of deal for a vp-150?
I read somewhere that they have a narrow sound field, is that true at all? If I could get one of those, or a vp-160 cheap, that would work.
Kenc, what are you using now, a vp-100?
MarkSJohnson, yes, it's starting to sound like the vp-160 is the way to go.
tomtuttle, I agree with everything you said, I gues it boils down to budget, but that's often the case.

I am close to ordering M60's in cherry.
I talked to Brent and he couldn't tell me what imperfections they have, but he said they'd be very minor. In fact, he said a game on the forum is to try and find what is wrong with them.
Tomorrow, I am going to have a second listen to Paradigm M9 v7's.
Thing is, they have 5.25 " woofers, the M11's have 6.5" woofers like the M60. M11's are too pricey for me so I think the M60's will have bigger bass sounds which I like.