i currently use this amp in my office from Emotiva it's their mini-X and it's got some nice juice. i am currently driving a pair of paradigm performance series 3SE speakers with this amp and the 3SE's have 8" woofers and this little amp can power the hell out of them! it's sort of an intergrated amp as it's got a volume control built into it. also it's got a 12v trigger in & out as well as RCA source input and RCA source output (nice to go to a sub). i currently have a USB DAC connected to a RCA selector switch from my PC for my hi-rez FLAC and from there to the amp. i also have an RCA/3/8mm cable connected to the other side of that selector switch so i can connect my iPhone4, iPad2 or a visitors MP3 player. it really works out nice too. great price. here is a picture of the setup in my office.

above is a picture of the selector switch left is the DAC input, center is output to the amp and right is the RCA to 3/8mm cable

if i can power those old vintage paradigm's with serious power (those woofers are cranking when no one is on my floor and i can turn it up) they will drive those incredibly efficent M3's something wonderful.

best of luck with whatever you decide to go with. please keep us posted.
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