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i can say only good things about my Marantz, used as a preamp.

i know for a fact that if i were to use the Marantz power amps, i would be short on power for some music and movie listening at realistic levels.

i use the Marantz only to drive the back surrounds, and with some movies that have lots of information in the back channels, the power stage gets very warm, not hot, so i installed a small fan to help get rid of some of the heat.

Thanks JB . I have a pool table in the mix of my home theatre so rear channels being amplified would be a plus . I am using two M3,s as my rears . At present , they are powered by the yammy 5063 and the lows are not driven enough . They sound good but if I could amplify the rears in my system it would really help
M60,s Vp160 , QS8,M3,s Svs 12 . Yammy 5063 ,Panamax 5100,PS3,Optima HD80