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Hmmm... I remember asking my electrician about that and why not every house come with one. He said it's not necessary any more; I better find another electrician grin
I thought that remark to be BS; in the country I'm coming from, all houses/buildings have something like that built-in.

In any case, thanks for bringing that up BlueJays1; I will definitely look into it.

You won't see Holmes on Homes disregarding them. You see them ALWAYS install a unit on the panel. Doesn't matter if its a new house or just doing maintenance on the electrical of an existing house. Even more necessary in the area you live in - Ontario. There have been 3 posts in JUST the last month on this forum that have had home theater equipment and home appliances ruined from a destructive surge. None of these individuals had proper protection - a whole house protector. It's also a lesson in how useless plug in surge protection strips and surge protection found in UPS devices really are.

What do you think is the better option? Earthing the surge outside or like in your case having the surge destructively seek ground in your home via your electronics/appliances
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