Well, I looked for tickets but they are either stupid expensive or in the rafters. I know it's a laughably low number for many of you, but I've seen them 6 times already. Plus - with our lovely home theaters - I really do enjoy watching video of live performance. So, you know, money.

I did compile a playlist of the setlist(s), though. And I've been listening to it today. I remember really liking "Middletown Dreams" when they toured that album (although the real live revelation was "Mystic Rhythms"). I'm surprised they are playing "Bravado" and also that they are playing all the Clockwork Angels songs contiguously.

They seem to have really enjoyed making the last couple albums, and they clearly love to tour.

I still have the "Live in Cleveland" show on my DVR from about a year ago. I might watch it again later today.
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