Saw Pink Martini (again!) at the Greek Theater. It's become something of a tradition to see them for my birthday as they seem to come to town every year around the same time. Great show as always. They performed a couple of new unreleased tunes (one was beautiful if rather sad).

As they often do, they brought out some legendary figures to do some songs with them.

First out was 94 year old Norman Leyden. He performed on their single Hang on Little Tomato, and returned later for several more tunes. Pure awesome.

Next up...81 year old Mamie Van Doren. She "sang" The Girl from Ipanema (changing it to the boy from Ipanema). It was nice to see these legends out there still performing, but I have to say, Mamie was a little scary. (see that photo on wikipedia? She still looks like that!)

The show ended with them inviting pretty much anyone who wanted to come up on stage while they performed Brazil. (Another P.M. tradition).

Fun was had by all! smile
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