Still getting my MMO fix. Now with Guild Wars II.
It's kind of like the new iPhone. It's new and improved so everyone has to have it but it is nothing that will shake up the MMO market, which seems to seriously need a new innovation.

Still, a fun diversion. I like the combat system. You get different skills by swapping and combining weapon sets so it feels more like your weapon choice matters. I like the cooperative attacks too, although many games have this now. For instance, my mage buddy creates a wall of fire and the enemy can't easily get to us. My ranger fires arrows through the wall of fire and they are lit up as they pass through it, greatly increasing the damage.

Good personal storylines but the cut scenes are an embarrassment. It switches to a static background scene with just two characters on the screen at a time talking. Always only two. If someone else in the area speaks, one character disappears to be replaced by the image of the other. Simply LAZY CODING. Cheapens the game back to 1980 standards.
With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.