I believe there are two separate products here.

1. A single box portable solution, heir to the boombox. Think Audiobyte speakers on either end with a single woofer for bass support in the middle. Class D amp for energy efficiency. Wi-Fi, 1/8" input jack; no Bluetooth. USB charging port for portable player/phone. Maybe an iPhone/iPod dock, but would need to be with adapters for different models. A well to hold non-Apple player devices so that it isn't sitting loose on top or lying beside.
Power options: AC adapter, rechargeable battery pack, and external 12v input (e.g., for car powerpoint adapter). I like the idea of eliminating the external, plug-hugging wall-wart, but building it into the device adds weight that may be undesirable at times. A solution I haven't seen anyone use yet is to have the battery pack or AC power adapter fit into the same pocket in the device - plug in the one you need for mobile (around the yard) vs portable (around the house) use.
The unit should be as much under 10lbs / 4kgs as you can get it while still surpassing the sound quality of existing units. Weather resistant, so getting a couple of minutes of rain on it before putting it under cover isn't an issue. Limited colour choices.
The market for this unit is people who want better quality sound than current consumer offerings, and are willing to have a bit heavier unit to gain that, but who would never consider going to the extent of something like a self-built Boominator, which is designed for all weekend use.

2. Two separate powered speakers for use indoors. Fills a niche between the Audiobytes (connected to computer) and something like M2s with a receiver, for bedroom and den type systems, or primary systems for those who don't want a full-size set-up.
Power supply built-in, 1/8" input for non-Airplay use, USB charging port for portable devices. No bigger than M2s. Optional powered sub-woofer. Available in all Axiom's finishes.
Market for this is people who want a compact, convenient, good-sounding and stylish unit for secondary rooms, or a main system if they aren't into home theatre and dedicated music listening (or want a smaller system because they expect to move a lot or live in a smaller residence). So needs to be more convenient and attractive than an Airport Express/Apple TV plus separate powered speakers, and better quality but not dramatically more expensive than big-box Airplay solutions. I think Axiom's range of finishes is a big competitive edge for this product.

Why no Bluetooth? Limited range and bandwidth, most wireless music playing devices support Wi-fi anyway.
Why not focus on Apple devices? Because Apple may be dominant, but they still have less than 50% of the market in areas such as smart-phones. And there are way more competitors doing Apple only audio devices.

Two other technology thoughts, possible inclusions depending on cost. One is DLNA support, which makes possible use with systems other than Airplay. The other is for the second product - audio input from a HDTV, DVD player, or laptop/tablet. Seems a lot of people have secondary TVs, and don't want a full surround system, but do want better sound than the TV speakers or laptop/tablet provide. Their obvious option right now is a HTIB or cheap receiver + soundbar, neither of which would sound or look as good, or be as well integrated, as a powered Axiom solution.

Good luck with the product development!