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Pre-65's work better... Higher silver content...

Beat me to it, I was going to say this too! 1964 and earlier quarters were mostly silver, after 1964, they used "coppernickel" or something like that!

Pretty soon there will be a "heads up" vs "heads down" discussion as to what is better, then of course there will be "Canadian vs US" quarters . . . <grin!>

Speaking of pre-1964 silver coins, I found a bunch of coins at my grandma's house when I was helping move her from California to Oklahoma. These are the ones with dates up to 1900 (movie link). There are quite a few more.

The back story on the collection is that my grandma worked for Bank of America as a cash handler in the vault in the 1960s. Her boss let her trade out any currency she wanted to collect with something of equal face value. Pretty sweet deal! smile

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