I'm always for the idea but sometimes the idea doesn't pan out.
Although many around here talk and wish and dream about owning this or that, in reality, how often does anyone 'upgrade' their speakers?
Numbers indeed.

With a used market available through Audiogon and Canuck Audio Mart, people can often get other speakers for 50-60% or less of their 'new' cost, even if the items are less than a year old. Although i like this idea of a trade-in (avoiding use of the term 'upgrade' specifically), i suspect i would personally check out the used sites for Axiom speakers, review prices, before heading to the Axiom refurb store in comparison.
That's just my approach though. Others may want the simplicity of going straight to the company and getting a warranty for comparable or extra price.

Numbers numbers numbers.
Would there be enough demand to make it float?

Go recycling!
(or in this case, re-using).
"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."