I think Ken is right relative to market differentiation. But I still want both possibilities.

I don't see how you could do it without having one "master" speaker with the amp and electronics in it and a speaker wire running to the other speaker.

I'd rather have that connection use plain old speaker wire and connections rather than some kind of jack.

You could have a switch on the back to use the master speaker either in mono or in stereo with another speaker attached.

That scenario would allow the second, slave speaker to be an existing M2 or M3, which might offer some advantage for existing customers. If you already have a pair of bookshelf speakers, you could buy only the smart speaker and use one of your existing speakers.

This would also allow people to more easily upgrade; buy the airplay M3 first and then add a single M3 later to complete the stereo pair.

So, it could just be one, new product. Offer the AirPlay M3 and the Algonquin AirPlay M3.
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