I have a d
Denon 2809 CI, I doubt it has 4 hours of use. I got so frustrated that I gave up on it. My wife watches tv using the speakers in the 52" Samsung. Yes I know......
But I have got to get her going. I thought I followed the Audyssey properly, but then again maybe not as it was in summer 2009. Yes I know.....

In the mean time I listen to my music upstairs on my Axiom ax 2 reference series speakers on my Sony STR GX67ES.

I also printed batpig instructions for Denon, so I need to read and read the Denon manual too. But any advice ahead you may be helpful to me.

I expect I will end up asking a lot of questions that may seem easy to those who more knowledgable about this. It will be a bit before I tackle the proceedure, as I need to read and do a few other priority things first, but please be patient and I will get to it. But I thought I would at least take a small step forward, as it has sat unused so long.