The thing that bugs me most about Denon is the user-hostile menus. They seem to always change and in fact they do.

The options you will see on a menu screen at any given time are those specific to the current mode that amplifier is set to (i.e. DTS 5.1, Stereo, TrueHD 7.1 etc...). The amp will be set to the last played media file.

I can't tell you how many times I have looked for a specific setting I knew I had seen before but just could not find it. It is incredibly frustrating. The menus should not change, if a setting does not apply to the current playback mode, dim it, don't hide it.

Anyway, I've had two Denons, I like them and they work very well with my HTPC which is the only device I use.

Audyssey is great for room correction. It works great but I find that low freq LFE needs to ne turned up at least 3 db from what Audyssey sets.

One of my favorite features is Quick Select. Check if your model has it. I wanted different settings for music vs. movies. Basically, for music I use Audyssey Flat (no high freq roll off) and I lower the LFE volume. For movies I want Audyssey (high freq roll off) and I crank up LFE.
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