I'm hoping to get enough bass out of the towers to not need a sub. That is pretty much the whole reason I went to all the effort to build out this cabinet. I wanted a bigger TV, and BIG speakers. Axiom's BIG in cabinet speakers and huge center channels are awesome. This is mostly just for TV viewing. I just need to hear the bass for TV to be enjoyable.

The receiver is setup properly. I have had this receiver for awhile and I know how to operate it well. I've tried direct mode, stereo, manual setup, and then automatic setup. Nothing fixed my problem.

I think this is a polarity issue. The contractor installed the speaker wiring and probably didn't pay much attention to polarity. I hadn't considered this as the problem but now that you guys mention it that is probably the issue. I will have time to test it tonight I think.

As for a blown woofer. I don't run this system that loud. The most it has even been turned up is -10 which is loud but not oh my gosh loud. -10 is a comfortable movie watching volume while most TV is watched between -25 and -15 depending on the time of night. The flapping was more like wooshing from the speaker cones. I may have overstated that a bit. When I push on one of the 6.5" drivers I am able to get some scraping noises but only if I push it off center. This woofer will scrape easier than the other 3 but I don't think it is blown. Not that I would really know what a blown speaker is like. I assume as soon as you push it in a little bit it scrapes. This one scrapes only if I push it off center and pretty hard. The only thing I can think of about it is that maybe the babies got the speaker cover off and pushed that woofer a bit, though it looks fine. The new magnetic covers look great, but are less effective against little hands. They can pull the grills off pretty easily, but have generally left them alone.

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