Just a quick update. Room is pretty much finished now, after a lot of fine tuning, along with purchasing some final components, I have to say I'm extremely happy.

Ended up getting the Epson 5010 projector, and have it going on a 100" electric screen that comes down right in front of my 67" TV. I use the 67" for watching most TV and movies, but go with the projector whenever I want something quite large and have a good resolution source (this was one of the reasons I needed a receiver with 2 HDMI outs). Sources are a PS3 which I mainly use for BluRays, Xbox360 (gaming), HD Satellite receiver and an HTPC. Receiver is the Onkyo 717, and speakers are the Epic Grand Master/500. All components are on the back wall, with only speakers and TV at the front. Finally got around to arranging all my DVD's also.

Will post pics shortly, thanks again for all the help guys. BTW, I've only had the Epson 5010 for a few days, but I'm really impressed.... nice unit, and got a good deal with the 5020 being right around the corner.