I’m not sure how many of you are there yet, but I’m wondering if I can get some feedback about your new amps?

How warm does your amp get? Does it require good ventilation?

I only have access to one outlet. Currently I have my JVC projector, Denon AVR, and Oppo BD player connected to a surge protector. Do you think adding an ADA-1000 would be too much for that one outlet?

I have a Denon AVR-3808. Does anyone have one of these paired with an Axiom amp? If so, how well do they play with one another?

I’m considering a 7 channel ADA-1000 to drive my 2 M60’s, VP160, 2 QS8’s and 2 M2’s. My HT room is about 2100 cubic feet. For normal listening conditions do you think this amp is overkill, or do you think the added headroom would be well worth the upgrade?
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