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Nice! Although I have to say on another matter that I wasn't aware until reading another post just now that you owned four EP800s.

This certainly explains why you are always in constant renovation mode and why the IAEE just added a new fault line to their maps in your vicinity.

Ha ha. Too funny. When the basement is finally whipped into shape, you're all invited to come feel the four-EP800/Buttkicker combo. My apologies in advance to the taller people among you. As I've said, my basement ceiling is only 79" high. Of course, I think JC still has me beat, so if he's closer, he's probably the one to visit.

I got my A1500-4 today. I just hooked it up, and it works. I can't really blast it this late, but that will come this weekend when I watch The Avengers.

Before I hooked it up, I took these:

My apologies for the blurry shots. I didn't know they were that bad when I took them.

How about those heat sinks? I'm impressed with the build quality all-around. Maybe not the prettiest amp you can buy, but everything comes across as very solid with no corners cut on performance. I will say the motherboard is an attractive black.

As you can see, there's a foot in the middle of the bottom of the amp, which the A1400-4 didn't have. A little extra support.