John, that's an interesting idea. So the center M22 would be vertical underneath the screen without the need to be lined up with the left and right M22s? BTW, I didn't see an option to buy a single M22.

As to the receiver, I've considered the Onkyo 818 as one of the options. I know it has Audyssey MultEQ 32. Just today though, I've read good things about MCACC as well... And I think a cooler running unit will be more reliable in the long run. I wish there was something like the Kelly Blue Book for electronic equipment. It's very difficult to get long-term reliability statistics.

As to buying in the US, unless they ship to Canada, and I can get warranty issues and servicing taken care of in Canada, it is not an option for me, even if it's cheaper. I've had to deal with customs when furnishing our house in Canada and it's not fun. Another reason to look for Canadian speakers, as well.