@Murph: thanks for the welcome! My wife and I tried kayaking for the first time a few years ago on a guided tour. Just that day the bay decided to be kind of rough, so it was quiet exciting...

Our land extends to the bay, but the house is about 500 feet away from the edge of the land which ends in a cliff, as a lot of the NB coast in that area. We are in West Quaco near Brown's Beach, which you may know.

My wife and I took a bus tour this summer through Nova Scotia and PEI, so we were able to see some of your pretty island.

I also would like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions. I think for now I am going to go with a 5.1 setup (M22, VP160, EP500, QS8). It will be very nice for starters and I can also add more later!

I have one question, though: what would be the advantage of using an M22 over a VP160 as a center? I like the idea of a VP160 as it seems to be matched with M60s as left and right, which I may upgrade to at some point.

Speaking of upgrading, I will need to prewire for the future. I was going to connect speakers directly to wire coming out of the wall (using pass-through plates). Is there an elegant way to hide currently unused wires? It's not so much a problem in the back, but I like to keep the front, where people are looking, as clean as possible. I don't know if I will ever use height speakers, but one of the comments got me thinking, with heigths being more effective than rear surrounds. Of course, researching further I find people who say they don't notice the effects of heights. BTW, would an M22 be a good height speaker? (In case I upgrade to M60s.)

I think stereo was so much simpler!