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Just an idea, but maybe you should stop buying individual stocks and start investing in stock market index funds?

I do that in my 401k. Rolled over about 70% of it into a traditional IRA so I can invest in the stock market. I've got about 10 years experience trading with lesser amounts. So far, I've gone from always losing money, to making usually small gains (2 to 10%) without losing money, with only 1 50% gain under my belt as the best I've done, so far. I need to take that to the next level of actually making some money. If only one could short the market in an IRA (without buying an ETF/ETN that shorts the market. Those go down when the market goes up or flat. Kind of like a casino, where the odds are stacked against you).

My biggest mistake was getting started saving money too late in life. Now I've got to pull a rabbit out of my a%*. I mean hat.

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