Actually this is a question about What Video Game Should I Be Playing?

I will likely have the next two weeks off from work so it would be the perfect time to play something new, though I might replay something if I can’t find anything of interest.

Here are the recent games I’ve liked a lot (enough to play more than once) :

Skyrim- vast, non-linear, multi-faceted, graphics, immersive

Mass Effect – storyline, character interaction, graphics, immersive

Dragon Quest – characters, party system

Things I like the most are:
Escapism like SciFi/Fantasy/non-contemporary
Non-linear gameplay
Interesting NPC interaction
Variety of character choices

Things I don’t like:
The opposite of what’s above (though I can forgive some faults for excellence otherwise)
Twitch fests (can’t stand button mashing)
Complex controls without onscreen menus (I hate having to reference instructions during gameplay)

Any recommendations are welcome even older games.
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