Alan and John: Your comments are really helpful. Since I do have a single player that decodes DVD-A and SACD perhaps its best for me to concentrate on first purchasing a surround receiver. I'd really like to try the decoding technologies for CD's of which I have so many.

Alan, I have played Belshazzar's Feast before (literally) so I am very familiar with the work and have two great recordings. John I'm very much enjoying Previn's Elgar's 1st & 2nd with a few overtures and marches thrown in. I have the Hansen, but haven't heard it in a while. I also have about 4 of the Vaughn-Williams symphonies (#2 with Bakels and really like it). I think Piston is so very musical as is the Chadwick 2nd and Ives 1st and cleverly conceived 2nd with the traditional New England announcement that the end of the night (end of the piece) has come. His 1st is also very interesting and quite beautiful. His 1st symphony melodies accompany me in thought throughout the day (which drives me crazy). I think I have some Rorem and some Alwyn and others that I had given to me and a Corigliano symphony. In time I will get to them. In any case, I think I should concentrate on a surround receiver rather than a changer inasmuch as I do have the means to play all my discs as they were meant to be heard.