Tom, I accept your ribbing in the brotherly spirit that it was intended. It is much milder than the material I get from Mrs. Medic8r. Recalling some of our earlier conversations, I suspect that you can relate. wink

Our internet use will probably look like this:

a) educational sites for the 7 year old, like readalong sites such as Raz Kids
b) iTunes podcast downloads
c) occasional mp3 downloads from iTunes and Amazon. I still prefer CDs when prices are similar
d) Facebook, a few hours a week
e) Skype, couple of hours a week
f) general web browsing: Axiom boards, blogs, news. Gail is on the PTA board and needs internet to function for that.
g) software updates for the PS3, iPhones, etc
h) email (Yahoo)

If bandwidth and download totals allow, we may, through wi-fi, operate:

1. our two iPhones
2. our DirecTV DVRs
3. our PS3

for things like streaming audio (Pandora, mostly as of now) and video.

We get spotty 3G coverage for the iPhones. It was enough of an issue that we had to get a land line phone. We've found that the window sills at the back of the house afford the best reception, and can watch grainy youTube videos on the iPhones this way. Haven't tried anything grander than that.
Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.