After some research I picked up both Dishonored and Borderlands 2 so thanks for the suggestions guys.

I got Dishonored because I usually gravitate to sneaking play style. Also everyone is saying how immersive it is including the audio cues so it just seemed like a must buy. However, it’s also a very short game at least for now pending the release of DLC so Borderland 2 became the next choice. What sold it for me besides the length of the game were the comments on how good and even funny the writing can be and that it also has very good voice acting. So even though neither game will probably hit all the marks between the two of them I think it will all balance out.

I in processed today and submitted for all my leave so my next day of work wont be until the 29th. Unless I’m selected for a trip on the 26th which isn’t nearly as bad as actually being at the place I work. wink

Thanks for the recommendation of Guild Wars 2 Murph. I’m tempted to consider it but I know my personality and if I like it I’m sure it will lead to an MMO addiction which would make crack and meth pale in comparison.
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