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Does anyone have an ULTRAVIOLET disc yet?

I have three. Two TV seasons and a movie.

UV is marketed as a standard, easy way to organize all of your digital copies. Let's see if I can remember the cluster mess, that was me trying to claim my videos.

I have a Vudu account, and Vudu is supposed to work with UV, but it turns out I had to sign up for a separate UV account. I didn't realize until it was too late that I could have used my Walmart.com account for both UV and Vudu, but instead I ended up with three different logins.

Not that it mattered, because I had to go to a specific website for the movie I was trying to claim. And Flixster.com for the TV seasons. But I could just log into either site, I had to go to the URL that was on the piece of paper inside the BD case. For the TV seasons, it was: areallylongurlspellingoutthetvshowseason1

I have my broswer set to not accept 3rd party cookies. I've never had it cause trouble (except for advertisers trying to track me). But the UV claiming process used inline-frame inside of inline-frame linking the various sites together, and they all communicated via cookies. Took me a while to figure out why I was getting "welcome" e-mails, but the site just seemed to hang.

So after a lot of work I now can watch my UV movies on Vudu, and Flixster on my phone right? Wrong. None of the titles I claimed showed up on Vudu, so I can't watch them on my TV. And only the two seasons I claimed on Flixster show up on my phone.

Yet, I do think this is an improvement over the previous process to claim digital copies, which when you get the discs a year after they're released, at a discounted price, the claim codes have expired.
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