Well I figure I will give my first impressions of Dishonored since APS (the electric company) just killed my power to replace my meter ungracefully shutting down my A/C, projector, HDTV, receiver, 4 computers and NAS just to name a few that are most sensitive to such things.

On a good note the game Dishonored is excellent so far. It starts out with a short intro to set the stage which like all other cut scenes so far can be skipped, (learn something Skyrim). Part of the intro is a basic tutorial which teaches you the basic mechanics but is also short and sweat and part of the storyline. You learn more about how to do things in the first level some of which is shown to you and other parts left up to you to figure out.

While much is intuitive you have to unlearn some of what other games have taught you. You can’t just hide in a shadow in plain sight like in Skyrim you need cover. Many more things are climbable or walkable than you first realize. A locked door can be bypassed rather than hunting all over for a key. The fastest way between two points is seldom a straight line. Overall I really like the mechanics so far as they give much more control over your character like climbing a chain which you control rather than just being dumped up on the next height. Combat is somewhat self regulated in that ammo is not plentiful.

Although the overall path you must follow is linear how you follow it is not. You can do as much or as little as you want. However, picking up and reading notes gives you clues to things as does eaves dropping on conversations. It’s odd to play a game where half the fun is just sitting quietly. Also normally useless objects like empty bottles provide excellent distractions. A dead body dumped in the right place can lure away a pack of rats blocking your path. The game constantly drops hints about how to use things in the world by allowing you to watch things happen rather than just throwing popups in your face. This game does as much as it can to keep you immersed.

I’ve only played through the first two levels but plan to restart since I’ve caused way more carnage than necessary due to learning what I was doing.
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