@ oldskoolboarder Ė thanks for the write-up it sounds like it was a lot of fun. I would love to try out some of that stuff but Iíve told myself Iím not buying another console until the next generation of boxes comes out since at least with the Xbox360 their pushing the limits.

And now for something completely different . . . a Dishonored update.

I think Iíve progressed about half way through the game. Iím taking my time but not trying to do everything since I figure I will play more than once. This is actually my 3rd attempt since the first one was more of a learning exercise and the second wasnít much better. on the 3rd time I made it through the first two areas as ďGhostĒ (or undetected) but havenít fared as well since then. The game seems to be designed that if you want to be a Ghost or even have ďClean HandsĒ (no kills) then almost have to skip some optional areas.

Iíve still managed to keep the carnage, and therefore ďChaosĒ level low which is supposed to affect gameplay but until I play again with high Chaos I wonít be sure how. Iím not sure but think that as long as you donít directly kill someone it doesnít count against you but Iím not positive. I have been operating under that assumption so hacking a turret cleaned out a whole block for me while I hid and watched. Iíve also come back to find rats eating unconscious bodies Iíve hidden and donít think that it counted against me as kills.

Waiting is very much rewarded in gameplay. On many occasions a group of town watch and thugs will fight among each other either causing a distraction if you just want to sneak by or leaving less for you to deal with if you want them cleared out.

Iím getting better at using some of the powers. Blink is awesome. Not only can you find sneaky ways around things you can drop in behind someone choke them out and pop back out again with them over your shoulder. Hiding bodies (dead or unconscious) is important because if some finds one their and possibly other peoples alert levels go up. This seems to make it more likely that someone will spot you. A specific case Iíve noticed is normally you can run around above people without anyone looking up and noticing but if their alert level is raised theyíre very likely to spot you unless you are actually concealed.

So far one of the things I like the most about this game is how simple it is to control your character. There are actually very few things you can do but by chaining these things together you can accomplished very interesting things (seems like using Unix/Linux shell utilities as opposed to some other OS). This puts much of the control into the playerís hands as opposed to the ďtoolĒ (read game) and rewards you for thinking outside the box.
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