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My HT utilizes two M22s that use two mid-grade Velodyne 10" subs as stands. This combo sounds marvelous to me for movies and audio as well.

I would think that a couple of EP500s (being much higher end gear) with M22s, would be a killer combo.

I've always been a proponent of satellites and sub combos; however, since I've experienced my new M2s combined with my outstanding EP400 sub in my audio only system, I highly recommend going this route.


I too am having a tough time deciding.
Gotta have a matching system (want not need) and I too am leaning towards the M22's. The EP400 seems to be the right sub. My current sub is good but 2 that go below 20 hz would be nice.
Already have a pair of QS4s on route but think the QS8s should go as left and right rears.
I'm gonna need one more pair....once I have both I'll move them around...
I'm sorry to hijack your thread but I was hoping to get feed back on the M22 ans EP400x2 setup.
Thinking about co-locating my 4 powered Paradigm subs between my LRR and my LR.
A tower of power.