I finally finished playing Dishonored and overall really liked playing it even though it isn’t a party based RPG which is more my preference. I tried to maintain a “low chaos” rating but as the missions went on they got harder to do without some carnage so as some point I just threw in the towel and started going medieval.

In many ways the high chaos play is more fun since it opens up more options and use of toys, however you can still always drop down into stealth mode if needed. Note that once you start upping the chaos staying completely hidden becomes more difficult since the game spawns more baddies. Another nice thing about going high chaos is that you don’t have to worry as much about hiding the people you knock out since you’re looking to take people out anyway.

I found that the physics of grenades is pretty realistic in that in the open then tend to wound and knock people down while in an enclosed area the kill more often, nothing like taking out your target you can’t see by chucking a grenade through a window and blowing the crap out of him and several henchmen so they can’t come after you.

Using the zoom upgrade not only lets you snipe at people from a distance it also “zooms” in on any conversation they’re having, and listening to conversations is often worthwhile for clues.

I found that bullets often go through the first target and hit another behind. I also did that once by accident with a crossbow bolt that when through the head of the guy I was sniping at and killed the guy he was talking with.

One note, if you are the obsessive compulsive type that just has to get certain things done to get a particular achievement good luck because some of these mission will drive you nuts if trying to get the clean hands and especially ghost achievements.
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