Apologies to whomever mentioned it first, but I finally had time to listen to my copy of Within Temptation's, "Black Symphony" with the Metropole Orchestra, Pa'dam Choir and other quests..

WOW, just WOW !!!!

I don't think I ever heard a more natural blend of symphony and rock. Many bands have attempted it but too often the result is that it generally sounds like one side or the other is constantly competing to come to the forefront. In this case, you would swear that the symphony and band have played together since day 1 and that the scores for both were written simultaneously, not one later for the other. At one point, I heard my brain claim that this was an evolution of music that might even make Mozart buy a Gibson, were he still alive.

I expected it to work considering the powerful, operatic voice of Sharon den Adel but it still blew me away. No matter what side of the musical divide you stand on, you should experience this concert.

Amazon.com/ca has on DVD it but I suggest going to Amazon.co.uk for the Bluray version.
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