BRW, since you're a newcomer, I'll fill you in on some of the comments. A few years ago there was a so-called "review" on Pear Cables that was notably absurd even for that topic. They cost about $2,000 for a 3' pair, but that was okay, since the reviewer found them to be "very danceable" and commented further that with those cables you couldn't simply sit and listen to the music, but had to get up and move. Of course this was the object of much hilarity here and when cables which cost more than a few dollars are brought up, occasionally a veteran member may still inquire as to their "danceability".

As to elevating them, this refers to the scam involving selling little supports to hold cables a few inches above the floor so that the sound wouldn't be contaminated by contact with the surface.

Now as to bi wiring(sometimes sarcastically referred to as "buy wiring"), this can provide no audible benefit. All wiring for a two-way or more speaker has to separate at some point before the crossover network in the speaker so that the high and low frequency sections of the crossover each get a feed of the signal. With regular wiring this split occurs inside the enclosure; bi wiring simply moves the split back to the output terminals on the receiver. The same sound is carried in each case.

Alan has commented in the past about bi wire capable terminals being offered as a sop to audiophiles who imagine some benefit. When Axiom dropped their inclusion as standard on some models and made them optional, I'd suggested that the option be priced at $1,000.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.