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I received my second pair of FMS-24 stands today - this time for my M3s.

It might be placebo effect, but I swear that the 'Sade' CD (of which I am very familiar) that I played sounded better - much cleaner in the bass region I think. Perhaps it is due to the better coupling to my hardwood floor as contrasted to my rather lightweight DIY stands that provided no coupling at all.

The Axiom stands are heavy duty & of the highest quality that provide a really safe, stable base for both my M2s & M3s. They look good too...


Its not a placebo effect. When i got my M2's i did alot of searching for a set of stands that matched the speakers and decor. Along the way i found plenty of information relating to speaker stand's and their construction along with balast etc and its effect ont he sound of the speaker.I had my M2's sitting on my old speakers while i waited for my stands to arrive. The difference was huge, even though the height was essentially the same. I see that axiom sells ballast to add to the fms stands.
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