Moonrise Kingdom

If you like Wes Anderson, this is one of his best efforts. Lots of fun in the story, and his attention to detail in the look and feel of his movies is always notable, this being a prime example. The audio was also very good, culminating in a terrific thunderstorm at the end. He's also one of the best at choosing the perfect music to carry you into his worlds.

My love for Wes Anderson had fallen off over the years, but after Fantastic Mr. Fox and this, I'm back to anticipating his work.

I've also been watching Rules of Engagement. The promos never did a lot for me, and it's guilty of being just another formula sitcom that bludgeons its audience with stereotypes and political correctness, but there's still plenty of enjoyment to be had from the lines and the performances. The guy who plays Adam surprised me and actually owns his role as a doofus.

As far as comedic performances, though, I don't know anyone can hope to deliver lines like the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The new season is off to a strong start. They're all so good at their roles, but Charlie and Dee have really made me laugh with the delivery of some of their lines.

Key & Peele is still funny. Still not the most classic sketch comedy, but it has some truly inventive moments, and they fully embrace being clowns.