Got back late from Montreal last night. What a show. We spent the next three days touring the city to make it an equally awesome mini-vacation but it was hard to concentrate on being a tourist as my mind kept drifting back to the three hours of total Rush awesomeness.

I really enjoyed the set selection. It was made for Rush fans, not radio fans. Hats off for that! The visual show around the Clockwork Angels story was really well done. Adding in a string section for this portion of the concert really added additional depth and ambiance to the experience they were going for. Also it was really fun to watch the string performers enjoy themselves so much too. If I had known that modern rock culture would change enough that I could someday tour along with a band like Rush, I might not have scoffed at the idea of violin lessons as a child.

I don't even need to comment about the musicianship from the band. Everyone here knows how that went. They are truly masters at what they do together.

As an added bonus, the comedic short at intermission and at the very end of the concert had an accountant demanding to do an audit who was harassed and constantly misled by three elves who looked suspiciously like the band. One of my buddies at the concert is a partner in an accounting firm and this provided for a long string of running gags for the rest of the trip. Thank You Rush!

I had very high expectations for this concert and it surpassed them all.
With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.