I have used rew to measure speaker TS parameters and have bought most of what is required to use the frequency response portion of the software. I originally bought a behringer external sound card, but would like to get the tascam at some point. Thus far i have picked up a mxl mic-mate so i can hook the mike xlr to usb on my computer and provide phantom power for the mike. 25 ft of xlr cable and i picked up a behringer ecm 8000 mic with adapter for my camera stand. I get involved in so many things at times i end up not seeing things through to the end. Reading the graphs looks to be the difficult part though the forum seems to be quite helpfull. I also plan to get a spl meter though one is not required but does help with calibration. Last piece of the puzzle is a new laptop hopefully at christmas.

I suggest downloading rew and messing with it a bit and then read the forum's. Then dicide if the outlay of cash for the mic and sound card etc and investment in time will be worth it. I find things sound plenty fine just using audyssey.

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