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I'm coming from an old crummy $150 5.1 yamaha speaker set so I am not even sure I would hear the difference. The slightly better specs appealed to me, however if it is not something I would be likely to notice my wife would probably rather me not cut holes in the wall.

If the performance is a moot point it it has now turned into a question of whether we want to spend a bit more money to save my wife the anxiety attack she will have when I break out the drywall saw. smile

Buying any quality speaker over those tiny sets will be a huge improvement.
A friend of mine had a Sony 5.1 setup for a few years and was always happy with the bass and general surround performance, until he came to hear our Axiom 5.1 setup (in stereo to start!) and that was it.
He couldn't go back to his Sony.
He ended up going with a Tannoy system, but the point still being that any company making the effort to make a good speaker will surpass the quality of the truly low end junk that infests the marketplace IMO.
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