Some Notes and Feedback on Unpacking My LFR1100's

I got my new speakers delivered a couple of weeks ago and finally had time to unpack them. Thought I'd share some of my thoughts in case it can help future purchasers.

Mine were a pair in a custom finish. They came in two big heavy boxes plus an extra smaller, less heavy box for the DSP. In fact, the speakers themselves were packed in the same way as the M80's, that is, upside down in a box. The idea being that you open the top of the box, remove the top packing foam, and then install the feet on the bottom of the speaker before turning the speaker right side up and lifting off the box. Well, that approach worked OK for my M80s but in this case not so well at all.

In my opinion, the LFR's are simply too big and heavy to be unpacked this way. The main problem is that the outriggers are packed down further in the sides of the box. Thus there's no way to get to them to install them until after the speakers have been removed from the box and are already sitting upright. This means another cycle of turning the speakers upside down -- this time without the cushioning of the boxes -- installing the outriggers and feat, then turning them back on their feet again. (In my case, the bolts to attach the feet proved to be missing from my shipment, so I'll need to try again once they arrive!)

Would it be possible to ship the speakers in a different style of box, one that would open from the front or side and have the speakers already sitting on the outriggers and feet? Or if not, how about shipping the outriggers and feet in the same box as the DSP? Then it would be easy to open that box first, get the required hardware out, and attach it to the bottom of the speakers right away.

I must say that I found the LFR's difficult to move around, too, as the drivers on both front and rear make it hard to get a hand hold. Would it be possible to include some kind of removable grab bar or something?

Finally, each speaker came in a cool looking Axiom Audio bag inside the box. Avery nice touch! Funny though, each bag was a bit dirty. I wonder if the insides of the boxes aren't totally clean?

Overall, the speakers look terrific and I expect they'll sound even better. Will try to post some impressions after I've had a good listen...