I figured I’d bump this thread to see how people’s routines are going . . . or not. wink

Well I came back from overseas in ok shape strength-wise but in the worst cardio shape of the last 10 years. It’s too stress for me to run and do a powerlifting workout at the same time so I was planning to buy an elliptical. However, when I post in the HST forum looking for feedback someone suggested a specific brand of rowing machine. So after a little research it was a no brainer to get a Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine. While it did cost 900 USD that was a far cry from the 2500 USD the elliptical was going to be so with the savings I also bought a mountain bike and still had over 1000 USD left over.

When I bought the bike I also got some riding shorts. Luckily they had some that button because the pullover ones small enough for my waist wouldn’t fit over my backside because of all the Squats/Deadlifts I’ve been doing.

Another word about the Concept 2 Rower, it’s a great piece of equipment. Not only does it get great reviews IMO it stands up to them in real life. To use it you need about a 4 x 9 space but it’s got caster wheels on one end so you can move it around easily. Plus it easily breaks in half for storage, you could even stand the two pieces in a corner. By breaks in half easy I mean all you have to do is pick it up in the middle as gravity holds it together. If you’re so inclined you an even compete against other people in real time by hooking it up to a computer via USB or submit times/distance for competitions with other people on the internet.
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