I've got a cheap-o coworker who wants to plan his next home theater. He will never fully come to the realization that some things DO cost a little bit of money, but at the same time, he has a nice little setup today.

Anyway, he asked me about some super cheap material he could possibly use in his next theater. Right now he has a 120" 1.78 (16:9) screen that he made using blackout cloth off of eBay about 5 years ago. Gain is rated at 1.0

He has seen my 138" screen and I think that he wants something bigger than 120". I told him that if he doesn't put his speakers behind the screen, that he can get a little higher gain and get some additional "pop" to the image. Something like 1.3/1.4 gain which will really help with the larger screen size.

He does NOT want to paint anything, that is for sure. While he liked DIY, he also wants it to be "easy."

Kind of the best of ALL worlds.

I liked my Carada brillian white (1.4 gain) screen that I used to have, but it would be around $900+ for the size that I think he wants. He is looking at $72 shipped BO cloth on eBay that will get any screen size up to 190", but I cautioned him about the size/light loss correlation.

I did see some pull down screens that were 1.3 gain that he could cut the fabric out of and put into a fixed frame, but they only had enough material for a 110" 16:9 screen, and again, I know that he will want something larger.

Any ideas out there?
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