I am pretty sure that I haven’t used up my quota of stupid questions for the year so here is another one:

I want to put a TV in the dinette, is impossible to get a cable there without disturbing the renovation work which is only 8 months old. Why we didn’t do it before the reno is a futile topic at best so I won’t go there.

This is for “the boss” so she can watch local news, the Food Network etc. etc. We won’t be watching movies or anything like that. Horror of horrors even the TV speaker will be fine as we want to keep it very simple with only the TV on the wall. Having said that is in possible to stream from a cable box to your TV?? I have asked at FutileShop and heard “no problem”. I’ve gone online and found “Yes” and “No” Someone said try Slingbox, someone said it doesn’t work.

I was hoping that the experts here can get me out of this fog so I can lead a happy and contented life. Keep in mind I’m in Canada which means we have the CRTC to keep all enjoyable things out of our hands.

Also mu knowledge in this field is limited at best, please speak slowly and use small words.

Thanks in advance
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