Originally we were looking to have a closed in dedicated HT but it would make the basement look too cramped. Instead, we have decided we will have it open as a media room. I'm starting to plan the layout and will have an approximate dimension of 21x15x7 (before walls are up). If needed, the dimensions will be adjusted so that no two will have a common denominator. The TV/future projector will likely go against either one of the 15 foot walls (leaning towards wall by stairs that has a small window - to the left of opening). I would have posted a picture/pdf, but I'm not sure how to here. I'm looking at getting the Epic 80-180.

What would be the best placement of a 5.1 sytem including height (surrounds on the wall)?

Would a 7.1 system work well in this room? If so, can you please also provide your recommendation on placement of the speakers for this?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.