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i found links like:




as i read it:
There are no any negative answer about bi amping.
Bi wiring one amp with Speacker A+B output instead on each speackers Is silly.

Vertical amping is to try before doing more advance tweack with active amp+ external crossover that breack warranty most of the time.
Forums users who tryed it may notice some change in both case.

Adrian D:
bi wiring 4 mono blocs is really different from what i tryed with my hk675 integrated stereo amp:
with other speackers capable of bi amping ; it's a silly thing i did on my own to cut speacker cables in four equal lenght for no improvment.
If i was using 4 monoblocs like you or either two amps it could be ok but definitively it's a no no to waste cable on bi wiring if not used on a passive/ bi amp setup.

One monobloc per speackers:
I will maybe make a move for that solution even if it require a preamp compared to an integrated amp.

For my usage it should be ok.

All true; I apologize for my rant as it didn't really pertain to you question.
The only benefit (albeit a "silly" one as you put it) for bi-wiring speakers to the same amp is the double physical connection; in some cases like pets, kids, it may come in handy. Other than that, I agree: no other benefit.
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