I'm listening to early Mozart Symphonies (#20-24 & assorted fragments) with Jeffrey Tate conducting the English Chamber Orchestra on an EMI DDD recording. Excellent lively and detailed interpretations with wonderful sound...Mozart at his youthful best composed around the age of 16. Available on Amazon, but unfortunately quite expensive as all the symphonies and more are sold in a box set used for 60 USD (no excerpts available). Perhaps you can find it on Rhapsody or the like.

If you have interest in early or later Mozart I'd also recommend Sir Charles Mackerras on Telarc conducting the Prague Chamber Orchestra...they too are great interpretations with outstanding sound and are available on Amazon for very reasonable prices. His complete set of Mozart symphonies costs only $35.69...a great bargain!! These are informed performances, meaning they reflect the intent of 18th century timing and playing style yet on modern instruments, and to my ears, this combination of scholarship and art is a synergistically dynamite combination. This is a set to have and treasure.