You'd have to raise your TV; putting the M80's into "holes" would severely compromise their fidelity.

I think the "dedicated room" (and/or single) guys are more likely to spend the time, money and WAF capital it takes to optimize their listening/viewing experience. No matter how much equipment you throw at the issue, if your room sucks, you can't really overcome it.

grunt, onn and CV all have pretty insane systems. Nick and sirquack have probably done more to fix the acoustics of their rooms than anyone else I can think of.

StPatGuy has one chair in the sweet spot. I love him.

My stuff is part of how I live. I have forced-air heat, a kegerator, an aquarium, high ceilings and open floorplan. It doesn't make sense for me to spend time/money going for golden ear territory, or for me to spend energy worrying about it. I just savor the moments on the couch with my loved ones.
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