OK my Canadian neighbors, out with it….. What’s the “good stuff”??? Not that crap Canada exports to the US either…. “I’d tell you but I’d have to kill you responses won’t cut it, I KNOW your secrets!!” First it was hording all the good beer and exporting watered down crap, now I find out you’re hording your Whisky! grin

I was content with Crown Royal for years, and then I got a taste of Pendleton’s (Oregon Canadian Whisky) and started drinking it in favor of CR. Last year a friend shared some Gibson’s “pure Canadian Whisky” with me and that pretty much ruined me…. I do still like CR Cask #16 and XR, but both are down right expensive…. I can’t stand CR Reserve and not a big fan of the Black. I don’t touch the other rot gut stuff like R&R and Canadian Mist/Hunter…

A few weeks back, I was BS’ing with a Canadian contractor doing some work for us. The conversation led to Whisky and what our preferences were. I mentioned that I really liked Gibson’s and he gave me a funny look; “You’ve had Gibson’s? Were you in Canada when you had it??” I responded, “Well no, it was here, a friend shared it with me. He was given the bottle by a friend of his from Canada.” And he responded, “Oh, he must have bought it in Canada because we don’t export Gibson’s to the US. If you liked Gibson’s, you’ll probably like Alberta Select, but we don’t export that either.”

So what other Canadian Whisky’s are good? And how can I go about getting some? The boarder isn’t too far away and I do have friends that travel through Canada quite often that would hook me up, but I believe we can only bring 1.5 liters across the boarder.