My Audio Only System 2.1:

1 X EP400;

Vol Level: 1 o'clock (60%);

Freq XOver: 80Hz;

Phase: 0 degrees;

Subsonic Filter: OFF;

Connections: Hi Level Inputs;

Amp: Yaquin MC-100B Stereo Tube Integrated Amp (65W/Channel);

Main Speakers: 2 X M2s;

Integrated Amp: No internal settings - 1 Volume Control only; and

Trigger: Not used. I manually turn sub off between uses.

HT System:

2 X Velodyne DLS-3750 10" subs;

Vol Level: 25% (set by Audyssey);

XOvers: Low Pass - Direct; Hi Pass - 80 Hz;

Connections: LFE IN (both channels using a splitter);

Receiver: Denon AVR 891;

Main Speakers: 2 X M22s;

Phase: 0 Degrees;

Subsonic Filter: None;

Receiver Settings: Audyssey set to 80 HZ for subs;

Trigger: Not used. Turned ON & OFF with Remote; &

Sub DSP Setting: #3 Jazz/Classical - flattest response.